Vertical fabric slatting has a high resistance to fading. Generally the fade factor is between 5 to 9 depending  on the type of  fabric. It is the ideal product to use should one have a tight budget. In many instances it can be used within the window recesses to give immediate , affordable and decorative covering.

Helpful hints and aftercare:
Vertical blind slats are easily washed, if removed from the runner and bottom weight and chain taken off. Loosely roll up the fabrics and immerse in a basin of warm, lightly soaped water. Allow to soak for at least an hour and flush out the soapy water until you are satisfied that the product is now soap free. You may hang the slats directly on the track and leave to dry should this not be possible lay the slats flat on a sheet outdoors until most of the water has dried. Hang while the slats are slightly damp.

The headrail should be wiped down every two to three months as grimy dirt can start the process of corrosion quicker. Should you find the runners becoming tight or hard to pull, a light spray of Q20 within the headrail and near the control box will do the trick. It is important not to spray the part of the runner that hangs out of the track as this can crack if sprayed with silicone based products.