25mm Venetian Blinds
The slatting for our Venetian blinds are imported from Holland and with superior ‘bounce back’strength. While cheaper slatting is available, we prefer the slightly more expensive product as it is backed by an international market leader. This product is virtually fade resistant.

50mm Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are still popular as ever. They give a designer look to almost any interior. It is important not to install venetian blinds in high traffic environments. The control mechanism can tilt and lift the blind. Lifting the blind should only occur during cleaning and not exceed an average of once a day.

Basswood and Simplywood
The Basswood and Woodtones slats are treated and UV resistant but exposed to sunlight any product will fade. The motors for the 50mm system is now freely available, and can be operated from a wall switch or remote. The SOMFY motors will all come within 5 year warranties and are locally supported. The aluminium slat is virtually fade free.